Professional Digitisation Services

Do you have vinyl, cassettes or CDs that you love and just can't part with, but don't have the right equipment to play them on at home? 

Are you worried about them becoming damaged and no longer being able to listen to them? 

  • At The Sounen Project we can digitise your personal collection into the digital format of your choice, so that you can store it easily and listen to it forever. 
  • We can transfer your precious recordings into mp3, wav or flac files, or transfer them onto a CD if you prefer. 
  • If you don't know which format is most suitable for your needs we can show you how they work and help you make the right choice. 
  • We also provide audio restoration and noise reductions services, where required, for an additional fee. 
  • We pride ourselves on taking great care of your precious collection, on delivering a great quality service and communicating with our customers.
  • Once we understand your specific needs we can discuss and agree costs and make arrangements for transportation, delivery etc. 

To find out more please contact Tom Maynard at The Sounen Project 

Telephone 07930 694627 or Email